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Heritages and museums

The Bamberg Historical Museum presents a remarkable collection of culture and history from the prehistoric era to the present day.

Sammlung Ludwig Bamberg Ludwig Collection Bamberg– This collection of approximately 300 works of art provides an exquisite range…

Naturkunde-Museum– Located in the heart of Bamberg, our museum invites visitors to explore an extraordinary exhibition space inside the halls of a former Jesuit college.

The Franconian Brewery Museum in Bamberg is a museum about Franconia and its beer with a focus on the former monastery brewery of the Benedictine monks on the Michelsberg , where the museum is also housed.

The Gärtner and Häckermuseum , opened in 1979, is dedicated to the history and culture of the Bamberg gardeners and Häcker (Franconian winegrowers).

Stadtgalerie Bamberg – Villa Dessauer This representative Villa from 1884, which belonged to the Jewish hop trader Dessau, today hosts the modern Art Gallery of Bamberg.